Travel Within Ireland

Information on how to explore and get around the Island of Ireland.

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Before you start driving in Ireland it is important to:

  • Know that we drive on the left-hand side of the road!
  • Know the ‘Rules of the Road’ – found on the Road Safety Authority’s website.
  • Have a valid EU/EEA driving licence in order to drive legally in Ireland.
  • See Citizens Information for more on driving licences.
  • Know the drink driving limits! The best advice is Never Drink and Drive!! Drive Alive provides useful information and tips for driving in Ireland.

Public Transport

Transport for Ireland (TFI) gives information on transport throughout the country.

Find out about Accessibility for people with mobility difficulties who wish to travel safely to, from and within Ireland. More information

The public transport network in Ireland includes buses, DART, Luas and trains.

Discount Fares

Leap Card – Contactless Smart Card for cheaper fares 

  • If you are a young person or a student, you can avail of cheaper fares across all public transport services, like Dublin Bus and Irish Rail. 
  • If you have an Android phone, you can top up your card with credit using the Leap Card app – all you need to do is tag your card off a tagging station either on the bus or on a Luas or Irish Rail platform. Easy! 
  • There are three Leap Cards aimed specifically at young people and students – make sure you get the right card for you! 
    1. Child (16–18yrs) – to avail of child fares!
    2. Young Adult (19–23) 
    3. Student

More information

Useful Transport Apps

TFI Leap Top-Up App: Instantly top up your TFI Leap Card, check your balance, collect tickets. More information

TFI Journey Planner App: Provides service information, directions, and time estimates for taking a journey on public transport across Ireland. More information

TFI Real Time Ireland App: Real-time information services for many public transport providers. More information

TFI Go App: Allows you to buy tickets for public transport services in Ireland directly from your phone. Your ticket is downloaded to the app and can be used to travel straight away. More information

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