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Eurodesk provides free information on opportunities – such as travelling, working, studying and volunteering in Europe or taking part in EU-funded programmes – for young people aged 13–30.

On this website, you will find useful information on different topics that may be of interest to you – for example, volunteering abroad. If you can’t find the information you are looking for or still have a question, you can contact us or your local Eurodesk point and we’ll be glad to help!

We are also part of a large network of European Eurodesk points, with over 2,200 offices throughout Europe, headquartered in Brussels. You can check out the European-wide Eurodesk website: www.eurodesk.eu.

Eurodesk Ireland is supported by Erasmus+, the EU’s programme to support education, training, youth, and sport in Europe, and the Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth. We are hosted and managed by Léargas, the Irish National Agency for Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps. 

Whatever the question, start with us!

Meet the team

Malgorzata Fiedot-Davies

Eurodesk Ireland Coordinator

Malgorzata speaks six languages fluently (French, English, German, Polish, Russian and Spanish), and has Master’s degrees in French Language and Literature and in German Literature.

Throughout her career, Malgorzata has worked as an interpreter; as a group facilitator in international youth exchanges and projects for NGOs across Europe; and as a European consumer advisor. In 2003, she joined Léargas, the national agency for EU-funded programmes in youth work, education and training in Ireland, where she coordinates the Eurodesk Ireland programme.


Local Information Points

We work with 30 local information providers across Ireland to provide information and support in every corner of Ireland. These members include youth information centres, Europe Direct Centres, Voluntary Service International and spunout.

These information services raise awareness and answer questions on European mobility opportunities. They also encourage young people to become active citizens. 

Eurodesk Ireland offers its members quality training and support, and access to European information services and tools.

Whether online or face to face, our members can provide reliable information and support to anyone thinking about exploring Europe.

Our Cooperation Partners

To make sure that young people in Ireland receive up-to-date, specialised information and support to access various opportunities in Europe, Eurodesk Ireland cooperates with the following European agencies and platforms:

Léargas is a not-for-profit organisation that administers Erasmus+ European Solidarity Corps, DiscoverEU and Youth Participation and Solidarity Projects in Ireland.

EURES Ireland  (European Employment Services) – Information, guidance and recruitment services to both jobseekers and employers interested in the European job market.

Europass Ireland – A free online platform that offers a range of information, tools and resources to help support you in working and learning across Europe.

Skills Summary – An easy-to-use online tool that measures the skills young people gain by participating in youth work and volunteering opportunities.

EU Jobs – Career opportunities in the EU.

Erasmus+ national agencies in Ireland – Learning opportunities within the Erasmus+ programme.

Our Ambassadors

Eurodesk Ireland has a panel of young Eurodesk Ambassadors who have experience of volunteering, studying abroad or taking part in European projects in Europe. These Ambassadors are here to share their experience with others!

There are over 1,000 partners and over 500 Ambassadors across 36 countries in Europe. They promote opportunities available through the European Union, share information, and inspire young people to take advantage of the freedom of movement they can enjoy as citizens of the EU!

FAQ about Eurodesk

Eurodesk is a free information service, operating in 36 countries, for young people aged 13 to 30 who would like to volunteer, work, study or travel in Europe.

Eurodesk Ireland works with youth organisations throughout Ireland to provide reliable information and support, for young people and those who work with them, on how to access European opportunities and programmes.

Eurodesk is a professional, competent and reliable information and support service, funded through Erasmus+, the EU’s programme to support education, training, youth and sport in Europe.

You can be sure that any information you receive from the Eurodesk network is safe, impartial, inclusive and unbiased. We follow the guidelines of the European Commission and the Irish government and cooperate closely with other EU information networks and agencies.

Eurodesk Ireland provides information on EU educational, training, employment and volunteering opportunities and programmes such as Erasmus+, Discover EU and the European Solidarity Corps.

No! There are European programmes available for young people from diverse backgrounds and all walks of life. Whether you’re studying, working or not sure what to do next, if you are between 13 and 30 years old, we’re here to help you.

Yes! If you are a young person between 13 and 30, whatever stage of life you are at – between jobs, looking for employment or studying  we will be happy to talk to you about your options and the opportunities that might be available to you.

Many of the opportunities made available through the European Union are either free of charge or have low fees. There are also lots of financial supports available, and we will help you access them.

Yes! There is great value in being a proficient English speaker abroad – you speak an international language. If you do want to use or learn other languages, there are online language tools available. You may also be offered language classes while doing the programme. When you’re abroad, you’ll be communicating in a language in a very natural way, so you will pick up words and phrases as you go, and there’s no need to worry about not being fluent.

We provide information on opportunities and supports available to volunteer, work, study or travel throughout Europe. To help you take the next step in Europe, our network across Ireland also offers free one-to-one support for CV development, for applying for an EU programme, or for planning to move to another country.

Absolutely! We can help you find safe and reliable information about opportunities in 35 other European countries so that you can support your young people to volunteer, work, study or travel abroad.

As a youth organisation, you can join our Eurodesk network in Ireland to access free training, opportunities for collaboration, and financial supports to organise local Eurodesk campaigns and avail of free promotional materials and publications.

Yes, we can! We can provide information and support on exploring Ireland and put you in touch with local support services and youth organisations throughout the country. Contact us to find out more and we’ll point you in the right direction.

about Léargas

Eurodesk Ireland is hosted and managed by Léargas – a not-for-profit organisation which manages international and national exchange programmes in education, youth and community work, and vocational education and training in Ireland.

Léargas is the National Agency for Erasmus+ in Adult Education, School Education, Vocational Education and Training, Youth and European Solidarity Corps and works by remit of the Department of Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science.


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