Go Abroad

Every year, the European Union supports hundreds of opportunities for young people to volunteer, work, study and travel abroad. 

Whether you want to explore a different aspect of European life through travel or volunteering, or develop your career by studying or working abroad, we are here to provide tailored information to help you get there, to avail of opportunities and to make the most of your time in Europe!


Travelling around Europe can offer many wonderful experiences and adventures. Europe is diverse in its languages, culture, landscape and food – so much to see and do. Before you go, it is good to prepare and plan ahead. 

You can also tap into the wealth of information and guidance available through the European Youth Portal.


Volunteering abroad is a fantastic way to explore another country and to have a positive impact in our shared European community.

Through European Union funded programmes like the European Solidarity Corps, you could gain valuable experience and skills while immersing yourself in another country and culture.

Find out more about Volunteering opportunities in Europe.


Studying abroad is a real option and has many benefits that you may not have considered – it is a great way to see another country while gaining a qualification and meeting new people. 

Find out about the Erasmus+ programmes.

We also provide information on courses taught through English, on grants and scholarships, and on qualification recognition.


Working abroad is a great way to open up career opportunities, earn some money and gain experience. There are a number of supports available to people interested in working abroad, including support with finding a new job, relocating to a new country, and language training if you need it.

These opportunities are open to people with all levels of education and work experience. 

If Something Goes Wrong

Travelling around Europe can offer so many wonderful experiences and adventures but what if you lose your passport, get ill or miss your flight?

If something does goes wrong, there are services that can help you.

We Can Help!

If you can’t find the information you are looking for or still have a question, you can contact us or your local Eurodesk point and we’ll be glad to help! 

If you are looking for local information specific to the country you wish to visit e.g. where to find accommodation, public transport, health system – you can find the answer through our wider European network of Centres  .

If you want to feel part of the European community, we can also provide suggestions on how to get involved with active citizenship projects to help raise awareness of young people’s concerns across Europe or to take positive action – more information in You in Europe

Can anyone do it?

If you’re aged between 13 and 30, there are a range of EU-funded projects which you could be eligible for. Programmes such as Erasmus+ (13–30), European Solidarity Corps (18–30) and Discover EU (18-year-olds only) are all open to EU citizens.

EUROPE FOR ALL – Many European Programmes provide extra help and support for young people who have a disability, fewer opportunities, and/or other barriers, to make it easier to take part in programmes. Examples include: EU Solidarity Corps Inclusion and Diversity or DiscoverEU Inclusion.

If you’re not an EU citizen, there may still be opportunities you are eligible for  – to find out more, get in touch!

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