Amnesty International Activism Academy

25 September 2023

Learn about activism and human rights and how to use your voice to make a difference.

If you are a 4th or 5th year secondary school student, we are inviting you to participate in our free Activism Academy.

We want to create and support a new diverse group of youth activists and leaders who are knowledgeable about human rights and activism and know how to take simple but impactful action with others.

The Activism Academy will run in two different blocks. The first block will run over 3 months (October to December) and the second block will run over 3 months (February to April). For the first block, the academy will focus on Right to Protest, Write for Rights and Anti-Apartheid Campaign. The second block will focus on Right to Protest, climate change and Pride. Each block will have a different group of participants. In May both groups will meet for a workshop to prepare for Amnesty Ireland’s presence during Dublin Pride Parade.

Participants will engage in human rights education that will support action on suggested campaign activities, including mobilising their peers.

Meetings will take place once a month in person from mid-October 2023 to May 2024, with 1 online meeting for each group. Each meeting will last approximately 2 hours.

The meetings will be hosted by human rights activists from Amnesty International and around the world.

Interested? Please register using the sign up form and indicate which block you would prefer to attend! If interest is high, we cannot guarantee a place for everyone, but we will do our best to facilitate as many people as possible.

The deadline for applications is Monday 25 September at 5pm.

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